Malawi 2014

First international operation helps 600 people after Malawi flood

Relief.Life responded to this crisis through its first international aid operation in flood-ravaged Malawi by providing relief to 600 people in nine different locations and at the same time gaining much-needed experience in this regard.  

As the Shofar Christian Church is one of Relief.Life main partners, and with a number of Shofar churches based in this region, Relief.Life responded to the situation immediately by sending a team of four South African volunteers to Malawi in February 2015. In total, Relief.Life managed to distribute 300 jerry cans and a week’s food supply to 600 people in nine different locations with the support of local Shofar congregations.

Relief.Life was also able to send money to IRIS, a Christian non-governmental organisation involved in missionary work and based in Malawi, which enabled IRIS to repair 35 flood-damaged houses in the region.

Thank you everyone who partnered with us to make this possible.

Financial Overview
(in South African Rands)